Monday, June 28, 2010


My personal theory on learning hasn't changed during this course. I'm very flexible and love to differentiate between learning skills. Constructionism and multiple intelligences are my main focus when teaching 7th grade science.

One immediate change I am going to implement is Voice Thread. This program is very productive and can be facilitated in a variety of functions. I plan on using with a lot of project based learning and assessments of content.

Two long-term changes or goals I would like to implement are; 1. utilize technology more in my lessons. This can be achieved by using modern technology and view teacher blogs in order to share ideas. 2. Figure out a way to bring low performers up to grade level using technology. This can be achieved by staying up to date with the latest documented strategies that have their base in Neurology.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cooperative Learning

Social learning is defined, when students are actively engaged in constructing artifacts and conversing with others. With that in mind, the strategies I explored this week focus on cooperative learning. When students work in cooperative groups they make sense of, or construct meaning for, new knowledge by interacting with others (Johnson, Johnson, & Stanne, 2000). I like the example of using multimedia in a researched based assignment. Assigning each student within the focused group a formal role provides group responsibility in order to achieve their objective. This type of project will allow students to socialize and begin to focus on cooperating in order to learn.