Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tools needed to complete GAME Plan

First I will need a computer with internet access, attend the CAST conference, and dialogue with colleagues about strategies they are using in order to be successful. There isn't any additional information needed, however I did attend the CAST conference and learned a lot from other colleagues from around the state of Texas. I was given a lot of useful sites like to incorporate into future lesson plans.

I have also been searching the internet and talking to other colleagues about there internet usage policies in their districts and how these policies are transferred to the student and parent. I'm currently waiting on some additional information from different teacher from multiple districts. Lets see how this turns out :-)


  1. I have been working with other colleagues also to improve technology integration into my classroom instructions.This became even more necessary since I was transfered to a another school and required to teach new content areas.Some of my colleagues have also shared some useful websites with me.However,one of the participants in our group blog, in response to the post on my blog has suggested sharing not only websites but lesson plans with other teachers also.Such a move has several advantages.I would encourage you to maintain the network that you have established with other teachers.After all,collaboration is one of the desirable 21st century skills that we have been talking about all along.

  2. A great site for maintaining a network as well as sharing information is my students love it and most educators are engaged.