Wednesday, December 8, 2010

GAME Plan Revisit

# What have you learned so far that you can apply in your instructional practice?
What goals are you still working toward?
Well I have applied an educational network in my class, where students can comment and collaborate on projects. I'm still working on getting everyone to understand the benefit of this added tool. I have some students more involved than others, however I see progress everyday.
# If you are not ready to set new learning goals, how will you extend what you have learned so far?
Next I'm going to start giving daily questions or bell ringers via the educational network, as well as seek out additional strategies from other faculty members.
# What learning approaches will you try next time to improve your learning?
Seek out more 3rd party literature on technology integration. I want to approach my next class with a lot of fun and engaging projects.


  1. I am trying to set up something similar to what you have.Which of the tools did you use and what steps did you take? I only recently had internet access to my students and I have been able to get only a few of them to set up an account with edublogs.

  2. What type of an educational network have you set up? Do you have a plan for getting those other students to "buy in" to it? If you haven't already done so, you might want to set a requirement for the number of posts they have to make or comments they have to make on other students' projects, similar to what we do with discussions and blog posts. You might want to set the minimum at 3-5 and that way they are forced to spend a little more time on it and perhaps with more experiences they will see the value.

    With your bellringers, would the students each complete it on the computer?

  3. Thank you all for your comments, I have set requirements on my students to respond to poll questions or reply to bell ringer questions posted online on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for Grades. :-) The site I use is, I have each period classified, and find it to be a fantastic tool for educational networking. I have posted several assignments and students have responded well. I took a survey of how many students thought edmodo was useful or should we try something different and they overwhelmingly chose to continue with the status quo.