Saturday, December 25, 2010

Reflection of Integrating Technology Across the Content Areas

Integrating technology across the content area was a very enjoyable course of study. I'm a digital native so utilizing technology is like using my feet walk. This course has provided me with some very important concepts in order to create dynamic lesson plans. One of concepts is called the GAME plan; Goals, Action, Monitor, and Evaluation.
I plan using this lesson format next school year, after I present it to my superior commander for approval. The best part of the course is meeting other instructors with like minds and fellow shipping with them in order to test the best strategies in order to positively effect our learners.

Currently I'm using with my science classes as an extension to our learning experiences. The students are very pleased that I'm using such a technology to keep them informed about classwork as well as missing assignments. They love the way the technology integrates with their cell phones as a way of communication. I would advise any teacher to at least give it a shot. :-)

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